Isao Emori I would like to first express our deepest gratitude to our customers, stockholders, and investors for their constant consideration and support for our company.
TSUZUKI DENKI was founded originally in 1932, and we take pride in the fact that our corporate growth has always been in stride with the growth of our customers.
In today's world, the business environment surrounding our valued customers is severely changing at a rapid speed and even globalization has entered into a new phase. Under such circumstances, the role of ICT Service business enterprises in providing social infrastructure has become even more significant. As IoT/Big Data, AI, Drone Technology, Cloud, Mobility, push digital transformation even further, We TSUZUKI DENKI will continuously create new IT Service Models that adapt well with this transformation.
Having set “Expansion of System Integration and Network Integration Business” and “Development of IoT Business” as the pillar of our group, and with our eyes on social agendas as well, we will continuously grow and expand as an enterprise that provides “the best solution” and realizes real corporate value growth for our valued customers with our vast business experiences and the know-how of various services.
In addition to the above, we will actively work on “Way of Working Reformation” with “Healthy Management” as our core mind set. Thus we will keep developing a corporate culture in which we encourage creative ideas of each personnel free from stereotypical point of views, an environment where each personnel enjoys working, and an organization where innovations are constantly created. We will consistently provide truly valuable services for our customers.
We at TSUZUKI DENKI Group will continue to contribute our effort in solving social agendas, developing a prosperous world, and bringing “People, Knowledge and Technology” into the future.

Make New Value and Forward It Ahead

PresidentIsao Emori