TSUZUKI Principles / Code of Conduct

TSUZUKI Principle

Vision (Ideal society that we want to realize)

Connect people, intelligence and technology to our future and develop affluent societies.

Mission (Promises and missions to stakeholders)

We will continue to challenge the new value creation with everyone's cooperation for the future.

Commitment to our customers

We will grow as a true partner together with customers by facing to the future with the customers,
by proposing and offering always optimal technology and the optimal team.

Commitment to employees

We will continue to create a workplace environment where diversity is respected,
where employees’ challenges are supported, and where employees enjoy working.

Commitment to business partners

We will build a relationship to enterprise value of both business partners and us,
by enhancing synergistic effect through combination of a variety of strengths and features of both.

Value (Values and Code of conduct)

7 Actions

  1. 1.Face
    • To customers, to business challenges faced by customers
    • To changes in the environment and technology
    • To our own ambitions
  1. 2.Build
    • Close and long-term relationship of trust with customers
    • A strong team with a variety of expertise
    • Open organization that respects opinions
  1. 3.Connect
    • Experience, wisdom, technology and information
    • Customers, our internal and external networks
    • The past, the present, and the future
  1. 4.Challenge
    • Cutting-edge technology and services
    • Digital innovation
    • Sustainable growth and self-actualization
  1. 5.Enjoy
    • Challenge and action
    • Drawing the future together
    • Our personality
  1. 6.Support
    • New ideas and challenges
    • Variety of values and style
    • Colleague friendly competing
  1. 7.Persevere
    • In weaving history
    • Without running away from value creation
    • As a united company

TSUZUKI Group Code of Conduct

We, the officers and employees of the TSUZUKI Group company,
As a basis for the realization of “contribution and value provision to society” expressed in the management principle we pledge that the following code will be implemented.

3 Conduct

  1. 1.Respect
    • Human rights and individual dignity of all people
    • The environment where everyone can spend safely
    • Fair and honest transactions
  1. 2.Keep
    • Social rules, company rules
    • Promises with customers, partners and associates
    • Intellectual property and confidentiality
  1. 3.Will not do
    • Contact with antisocial forces
    • Insider trading
    • Inappropriate paperwork